Spectacular & Scenery Private Charter

Best Season to Visit
 July - September

Blue PondFour Seasons HIllFarm TomitaPatchwork Hill

Furano & Biei Full day tour 10 hours
Sapporo Hotel (09:00)⇒ Farm Tomita ⇒ Four Seasons Hill ⇒ Blue Pond ⇒ Shirahige Falls ⇒ Patchwork Hill ⇒ Sapporo Hotel(19:00).
Lunch: Japanese and Western Restaurant, Ramen, Cafe, Genghiz-khan, Wagyu Beef

2 Days Furano & Biei private charter
Day 1: CTS Airprt(AM) ⇒ Blue Pond ⇒ Shirahige Falls ⇒ Furano Hotel stay
Day 2: Furano Hotel(AM) ⇒Farm Tomita⇒Furano Wine/Furano Cheese⇒Four Seasons Hill⇒Patchwork Hill ⇒Sapporo city

Showa Shinzan (ropeway)Showa Shinzan (ropeway)Hell ValleyHell Valley

Lake Toya & Noboribetsu full day tour 10 hours
Sapporo Hotel(09:00) ⇒ Nakayama Pass ⇒ Silo Observatory ⇒ Lake Hill Farm ⇒ Lunch ⇒ Konpira Crater ⇒ Showa Shinzan (ropeway, bear farm) ⇒ Noboribetsu Hell Valley, Oyunuma (footbath) ⇒ Sapporo Hotel ( 19:00 ) Lunch: Japanese restaurant, ramen

2 Days Lake Toya & Nobribetsu Private charter
Day 1: Niseko (AM) ⇒Silo Observatory ⇒ Lake Hill Farm ⇒ Konpira Crater ⇒ Showa Shinzan (ropeway, bear farm)⇒Lake Toya Hotel stay
Day 2: Lake Toya Hotel⇒ Orofure Pass ⇒ Noboribetsu Hell Valley, Oyunuma (footbath)⇒ Airport or Sapporo City

Cape KamuiCae KamuiShimamui BeachOtaru Canal

Shakotan and Otaru full day Tour (10 hours)
Sapporo Hotel(09:00) ⇒ Shakotan Glass Observation Boat ⇒ Lunch (sea urchin rice bowl) ⇒ Cape Kamui ⇒ Shimamui Beach ⇒ Otaru Canal (photo shoot) ⇒ Kitaichi Glass and Music Box Museum ⇒ Stained Glass Museum or The Old Aoyama Villa or Shukutsu Panorama Observatory (time adjustment) ⇒ Shiroi Koibito Park ⇒ Sapporo Hotel(19:00)

2 Days Shakotan & Otaru Private charter
Day 1: Airport (AM) ⇒ Otaru Canal(pht shoot)⇒Kitaichi Glass and Music Box Museum,lunch & Otaru Stroll ⇒ Niseko Hotel stay
Day 2: Niseko Hotel⇒ Shakotan Glass Observation Boat ⇒ Lunch (sea urchin rice bowl) ⇒ Cape Kamui ⇒ Shimamui Beach ⇒ Nikka Yoichi Distillery ⇒ Niseko Hotel

Choose the car type resting upon the number of passengers and amount of luggage.
Photos of the vehicle's interior will confirm this.

If you have a snowboard/ski bag, please specify the quantity when booking.

If brought without a reservation, we may refuse to load and may ask you to arrange the transportation on your own.Boards over 190 cm long may not fit in the car.