Trouble responce

Flight cancellation

On the day: If the flight is canceled due to weather or equipment problems, the transfer will be charged as canceled on the day. Refunds are not available. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Prior to arrival (the day before):

If we are notified of flight cancellations due to bad weather or equipment problems, we will make new arrangements, but please note that during peak periods we may not be able to secure vehicles etc.


Arrival flight delay

1.If the flight number does not change the car will be dispatched according to the arrival time.
2.If your connecting flight changes, you must notify us through the airline staff. Failure to notify us may result in your reservation being canceled as a no-show.


Fail to meet our staff - arrival area

If you are unable to meet your driver at the airport upon arrival of your flight, please contact SkyStation via our Live Chat service or the nearest information desk with a phone number (please keep our contact phone number as well, just in case). We will pick you up as soon as possible.